DCAPP by Sysdev

Looking for a mobile app to capture data?

DCAPP is a Ready-to-Use app that allows you to collect, transfer and export data in a very simple way.

Main Features

Ready-to-use App

DCAPP includes 5 pre-established templates of ready to be used apps:

Basic Inventory - Shelf Inventory - Assets Shelf Replenishment - Order Entry

Unlimited Entries.

Customize your app

The DCAPP lets you create your own apps for data collection, just by setting up to 10 fields in a very simple and fast process.

Easy to export the data

Export data through FTP, MIS Communicator, E-mail, Dropbox, or directly using a local file.

Transfer apps between terminals

Generate a file and send it to other terminals using e-mail, a QRCODE or by replicating the app using the NFC feature.


App available nine different languages: English, French, German, Hungarian, Italian, Portuguese, Romanian, Spanish, and Russian.

Focus on the business! No mobile computing knowledge needed

DCAPP might be the perfect choice for you. This product lets you create your own app, and then export the collected data through Excel files (CSV).

In a matter of minutes and in a very simple way, it makes it easier to collect the necessary data to be exported to your PC.

Free Demo

DCAPP is available for Android devices v5.0 or superior.

Download Here

If your android terminal does not have access to Google services like Google Play, there is no problem. You can download and test our app through the link below.

Or Download Here From Our Website


Make sure you never miss out on the latest versions and features from DCAPP.